The Society currently has about 180 membersThere are three types of memberships to the Society:

  • Regular Member
  • Corresponding Member
  • Honorary Member

Regular Members can be:

  • Medical Doctors Residing in Cyprus and registered with the Cyprus Medical Council.
  • Scientists of any paramedical profession or Computer Scientists with a special interest in Informatics, pertaining to Medicine. For the purposes of our By Laws, "scientist" indicates a University Graduate.

Corresponding Members can be:

  • any medical practitioner or scientist involved in the field of Informatics who is a permanent resident of a country other than Cyprus, who has an interest in Informatics as applied to medicine, and who expresses an interest in, and supports the aims of, the society.

Honorary Member

  • May be any person designated as such by the Administrative Council in recognition of a significant contribution to the Society or its aims.

Benefits for Members

  • Members receive announcements for upcoming events and news about the Society. Members can choose to receive announcements by E-mail (this is recommended, as often there is not enough time for snail mail.)

Cyprus Society of Medical Informatics PO Box 16044 CY-2085 Nicosia The fees for regular members are 20 Euros per year.