Mission Statement The Cyprus Society of Medical Informatics is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based on the voluntary work of Health professionals and Computer Scientists with a special interest in Medical Informatics. The purpose of the Society is to promote the use of the Telecommunications and Information Technology (and their convergence, Telematics) in Medicine or, perhaps more accurately, in the Health sector. This technology is viewed as a means to improve the services offered by the Health Care Delivery System. In Europe and elsewhere, during the last decades, information technologies have played a decisive role in the dramatic developments, not only in diagnosis, treatment and surveillance, but also in the more collective aspects of healthcare and health prevention, such as clinical trials, Epidemiology, and health education. We are witnessing the evolution of the Global Information Society and it is imperative for health professionals to actively participate in this process. One of the most effective ways to promote the use of Information Technology is to educate Health Professionals. Amongst our activities, along these lines, are the organization of educational seminars, conferences, discussion groups and other activities that promote research, progress and enhancement of the application of information technology in the field of medicine. There is reason to believe that professionals who will not be able to absorb and use the new technology will not be able to stay current in their field and ultimately serve their patients as effectively as possible. As we are proceeding towards the realization of the Global Information Society, new legal and ethical issues are becoming more evident. We, as professionals, should participate in the formation of the ethical and legal framework for the use of information technology in Medicine. Finally, in order to promote its purposes, our Society will seek co-operation with local institutions, the relevant authorities of the Republic of Cyprus as well as allied organizations and agencies of the European Union and other countries.